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Integrazioni Digitali

Digital Transformation

The Unit Digital Transformation supports Lepida Shareholders in developing new services and applications in coherence with the Regional Digital Agenda (ADER) and National and European legislations.


More specifically the Unit will:

  • propose models towards the rationalisation of IT management, supporting shareholders with its own HR in all phases, starting from a detailed analysis of needs and available resources;
  • support Local Authorities in the process towards Local Digital Agendas, from the definition of priorities to the management of the participation process involving local stakeholders and lastly supporting the implementation of main actions;
  • creation and management of Thematic Communities providing local administrators and personnel with information and awareness actions useful for a full deployment of Local Digital Agendas and digitalisation processes.


In order to give visibility to local innovation and diffuse best practices the Unit Digital Integrations uses the TV and web channels of LepidaTV. To proceed on the road to digital innovation, testing new opportunities and scenarios this Unit organises the participation of LepidaSpA and its shareholders to european and international programmes.

Sergio Duretti

Unit Director

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